Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 22, 2010

awesome place to write a blog…..

Why would I say that? At times home is just not the right place. And sometimes, neither is my office.Home is where my knight is, and for starters- he has no idea that I am in the process of establishing myself a “blog”. To be honest, he would probably think that I have lost the plot. Then his thought process may move to the fact that maybe HE has lost the plot!!! It is also where the TV is on in the background, and it is the place that my little princess finds herself keeping me very entertained…..because I obviously have nothing to do. I only do stuff in the kitchen- haha.

My office is home for 8 hours of the day, but it is not the perfect place to be alone. Instead of being inspired, I may find myself in “panic mode” every time I hear a noise.

But I have found the most awesome place to spend some time- in yourself!! (And which keeps my princess completely entertained for hours).

I spent 4 and a half hours there yesterday!!! I managed to write a blog, and read, and read. I managed to eat the most beautiful lunch…. and I MANAGED to swallow, with a twist of my arm………. a piece of Chocolate Mousse Cake. I drank tons of coffee- out of a bodum, and found myself highly entertained with the different types of people filling our world.

Let me tell you about this place.

It is on a busy little street in Melville. The type of place that everyone parallel parks outside, and there is only enough space for one car to squeeze/ drive through at a time. The front section has a balcony onto the street, and classy looking furniture. As you walk through the restaurant you find alcoves everywhere- people can have their own individual space. Fire places, and columns divide many of the areas so it really feels like it is all about you. There are blankets thrown over all the chairs (although it is 32 degrees at the moment), and it adds a homely feel to the cement.

As you walk to the “back section” of the restaurant, you enter a completely different world. A balcony which moves downstairs to an outside section. In front of you lies the biggest indoor jungle gym you have ever seen (in a restaurant) (can’t say ever ever!!). As quick as we find a table, is as quick as my princess has taken off her glass slippers, and has disappeared. Every now and then she pops in to make sure I do realise that she is still around.

With that I make myself at home, and order a glass of wine and pull out my book.

To my left was a European girl with two kids, and a much older man… trying to explain that Sunday was family day, and therefore they “are going to visit Chris after this”. Her little girl spilled strawberry milkshake all over herself, and there was a huge fuss to get the bag with the wet wipes asap.

Behind that table were a group of people that are so enthusiastic to take over her table, that they had already informed the waiter of this and as soon as the European got up…… they moved. (Used table and all.) They had a crowd of kids and a child minder. (I THOUGHT THIS PLACE WAS THE CHILD MINDER!!)

In front of me was a couple who have matching Macbooks. They are quite beautiful….the Macbooks- not the couple. Clearly they have also come to spend some time in some work, and know that their kids are in absolute heaven. You see, what most parents realise is that while you spend time in “your stuff” a certain amount of guilt follows………. that doesn’t happen here. Everyone is happy, while being waited on hand and foot.

The most interesting couple was on my right. They are a young beautiful pair with two kids, a boy and a girl. Your perfect picture. However- their Blackberries are very part of that perfect picture. (Maybe I was so tuned into it, because of my blackberry!!) At first, it really was just her. And it persisted. Her husband kept an eye…and then his came out. And my heart almost sank…. I realised what we all probably look like with our hands permanently glued to our phone (PA; partner; best friend).

To the right…er- in front of them was a group of people. The gent was a macho man, who spoke very loudly and at first ordered a castle lite. It then went onto bottles and bottles of wine. Ultimately leading to a louder more macho man. His wife was quite attractive, and clearly a little irritated with him as she had to ask him to do things that involved the kids.

I think the most interesting couple then arrived a little later. They sat to my left. (So, now know that this is the third party to sit at this table… clearly I was not in a rush to go anywhere). I now wish I had taken photos of everyone for your benefit.

They were the NERDIEST couple ever!!

They had two kids, which also disappeared quickly. They sat down and ordered some drinks and food, and then as quickly ordered the bill…. they complained about having to smoke outside on the street. YAH!!!! It turned out that they were meeting one of her school friends here… they discussed the fact that he has not met anyone. Okay- as I carry on, I realize how utterly boring this all sounds….. but to be completely honest all the changes that continued around me, were highly entertaining.

I left feeling like a complete glutton, but so utterly content. My princess feel asleep on the way home, and I knew that she had had an awesome afternoon. Mommy was number 1 in her books!!!!!

Of course, my knight did not trust that I could possibly have been alone at a place for 4,5 hours…… Will have to take him!



  1. You need to share the restaurants name 🙂 sounds like kiddy heaven 🙂 did you convince your other half yet?

    • Didnt even try C! The name of the place is Bambanani. The girls will love it!!!!

  2. My First Thought was how divine!
    My Second Though was, Where can you sit outside this time of year?
    My Third Thought was, Lucky DUCK! you can sit outside and not get frost bite!!
    My final Thought, the kiddy playground ruined the fantasy, LOL!
    I shall indulge in a warmer/kid free environment to indulge my inner princess thank you very much! Fun read!!!

    • Hi ET……. First thought- divine. Very difficult to find a place that you can call divine when you have a 4 year old……. haha. Second thought- where can you sit….. sunny south africa. More specifically JHB. The third thought- sit outside and not get frost bite…… in actual fact i sat outside for 20 minutes on saturday early morning, and i have two red legs (Lobster like)…. you would swear i was Canadian. Final thought- the kiddie playground…… haha, it’s one of the reasons why i go. Two birds with one stone- time for me, and time for my monster.

      May be a long time before i can indulge my inner princess the way you do…… so enjoy it!!! xx

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