Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 21, 2010

my toothpaste…an absolute mind fuzz!!

Have you ever heard the word Mind Fuzz?

Well, I didn’t…. until now. Yes, i made it up!!! I am sure we are allowed to do that? Every year new words come to light- right? Every year some new dictionary is published, with a whole bunch of words- that have evolved through our times.

I was trying to find a word that could be compared to a word starting with f (don’t like the idea of swearing during a blog), and when equated with the word “mind”….. means an absolute explosive bomb in your head.

You walking along, and suddenly you hit a land mine. That should never have happened!

More specifically- when you “think” something is supposed to be a certain way, in fact- you have been conditioned on that since the days you “can’t even remember“, and then you hit a brick wall!!! IT IS GONE! IT IS NO LONGER THAT WAY!!!

Let’s fast forward to an actual story…..

Toothpaste should be minty. It should burn your mouth. And you should be able to feel that for long after. Everything should taste bad after brushing your teeth (as long as you ask me- that is done on purpose….. so you don’t eat anything afterwards). BUT to repeat the most important thing- minty!!! The only time it is NOT, is when you are trying to condition your kids to brush their teeth twice a day. That’s when they are 3 years old, and the only way you can convince them is that it has to taste like magic. Hence the bubblegum flavours……. That is a wholee new topic that I believe should not be advocated in children!! (Let’s leave that to another day).

So, do we all agree?

I am in the shower, yes- I brush my teeth in the shower…… and I open a NEW tube of toothpaste. It says everything that a tube of toothpaste should!! Whatever you can think of. It is SILVER, (to me- a cool colour)  and has this huge screw on lid. For toothpaste- the packaging is perfect.

Why have I bought a toothpaste that I have never tried? Who does that? Most people use one type of toothpaste…period! I..I….I am TRYING To do different things. I am trying to make sure that my life is constantly changing- for the better.  It started with a blog, and yes, one of the things that happened in the mean time is trying a different toothpaste.   

Back to the story…… in shower, open toothpaste, spread some all over my toothbrush, into my mouth, and suddenly MIND FUZZ!!!! I pull my toothbrush out. I smell it. I am now convinced that either this a practical joke (that easily may take place in my house), or that my toothpaste is one of those tubes that went into the wrong part of the factory when being packaged. Cant be? Can it? Should i take it back?

My toothpaste is citrus….sy!!! Citrus-sy!!! (Another new word) It smells like toilet spray!!! Because of the smell, I am almost convinced that it just may be toilet spray packaged incorrectly. Do I carry on? What else do I do? I have to brush my teeth!!

Now to today….. we are on to day 5, and I am NOT a waster. (I always seem to picture all the people out there who don’t have money to buy toothpaste, and cant brush their teeth. Imagine having that furry feeling all the time?)  I will finish this toothpaste, and then hopefully I will not buy it again.

Perhaps I should go out and buy another one, NOW, just to be sure!!!



  1. Bokkie, what an awesome blog….it is so funny…..cirtus-cy – hahahahaha

    • And everytime i brush my teeth- is still hits me. x

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