Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 19, 2010

The walk after school- home….. one of them.

A group of girls-13 years old. We all on our way OUT of school. Been a long day of hating every subject….. every teacher……blah, blah, blah….. We don’t know where to look, or how to hold our hands. We don’t know where to stand, or how to walk. Trying very hard not to show the world that we have a PLAN!!! Height of AWKWARDNESS.  

Thinking back now, I can just remember how paranoid we were, and not a soul probably even noticed. Every other 13 year old had their own plans….their own paranoid thoughts! We were all so self consumed at that point.

 Me, me, me, me, you? Yes you? Me, me, me!!!

 (I am scared that my princess will have to grow up too!)

 We take a short walk- up a couple of roads, OFF the main road area. Constantly watching every car that comes past. WE ARE CONVINCED THAT EVERYONE HAS THEIR EYES ON US!!!!


Mean time, back in real life, no one has even noticed us. We are a couple of girls, walking home after school. Everyone really is self-consumed. People have things to do, places to be. We didn’t realise this. In fact, we could only imagine that everyone’s world orbited around ours.

One of us pops behind a building that houses the electricity boxes in the area. (I could be wrong about that…. because that doesn’t sound right?) It is a four walled 20 square metre building. Face brick. No wall. Big metal door- locked. Warning signs everywhere!!!

Okay no one is behind it. (I don’t know what we would expect…other girls? Bad people? Boys?)

We all look around……. no cars coming. No people seem to be watching us….. and then,  we all RUN behind the building!!!

Could you actually imagine if someone was watching us? Probably be grateful that we were not their kids. Haha.

One of us fumbles around and pulls out 4 cigarettes. Who sells a 13 year old cigarettes? I think I would throttle the person that I caught selling cigarettes to my princess. MURDER TRIAL HERE WE COME.  

Now to find the lighter!!

 We all fumble around, not quite knowing what to do, but trying awfully hard to make it look like we are absolute pro’s.

 The thoughts going through our heads:

  • one of us better be keeping a serious eye on whether anyone is about to join us? But it can’t be me because I need to work this out.
  •  need to INHALE the cigarette into our lungs!! Only then do we really know how to smoke a cigarette.
  • Don’t cough. DON’T cough. DON’T COUGH…….hold that cough!!! Oh no, I think it is coming. COUGH!   

 So we rush through that. In fact, I don’t think any of us actually smoke the whole cigarette. We all in panic mode- ready to run.

 One of us walks out from behind the building, and checks the “scene”. Comes back- it is safe.

 Off we all run, need to get as far away from each other as quickly as possible. NO ONE IS SUSPICIOUS OF A GIRL ON HER OWN!!! Right?

The entire walk home, I am worrying about how I am going to get rid of this smell. If I smell like smoke, my mom is bound to know. So, as soon as we get home, I need to get into the bathroom… brush my teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and wash our hands with a raw egg. (one of us heard that this works- but clearly from an un-credible source) RAW EGG!!!!!! (Can you just imagine?)

Probably smelt like raw-burnt cake (if there is such as smell) when I came out of there! And waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to say something.

And my mom never commented. So it clearly worked!!!

Never actually checked with my mom on whether it really did though. I am convinced she just ignored it, when I look back now. In reality, you don’t need to question whether someone smokes or not. Most times it is pretty obvious.

That walk home was the start to an AWFUL habit!!! And finding out I was pregnant became the end (to the habit, not my school career!) We want so badly to not be our mommies baby’s…………. and then so desperately to protect ours.     

This blog’s thought process was sponsored by “THE WORST MOTHER” and her blog about walking miles and miles to school and back.         



  1. Great story, reminds me of my first smoke, which was my last. But I was in college already and was 18, legal and stupid.
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    • Thank you so much! Will do as soon as my laptop on. Way too complicated with my phone. Haha. Clearly that’s on my next “to learn” list. X

  2. Highlight “the Worst Mother” URL in a window different from your blog. Right Click “copy”
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    • Thank you so much. Big help. Will sort out when my laptop is on. Too much for me to do on my phone. Xx. Next time I might just mail you and ask. X

  3. Thank you for the ping back… and I loved your post. I remember thinking everyone was watching me when I was 13… I see my kids do it now. It’s hilarious.
    Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do!
    Lin 🙂

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