Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 18, 2010

my things. MY things. MY THINGS!!!

There are a few things that I have a very close “physical connection” to…… in fact, as soon as someone else touches them, my insides go into “panic mode”.  I really am not sure why. Maybe this is the shallow part of me coming out AGAIN!!!

These things are TANGIBLE “THINGS”, they are not people!!

The list is small….. so maybe I am not that bad. 

My car (there is really nothing, nothing special about my car…or any car that I have ever had. BUT if someone else needs to drive it, although I don’t voice it (don’t really want to sound like a psycho crazy wench), I suddenly go into panic mode….. until it is back)   

Not really my car- but cute.

My phone (to be completely honest, I don’t know how I lived without my blackberry….. it is my little PA and so much more!!! And yes, there are things on there that I wouldn’t want people looking at…..I am not cheating on my man if that is what you are wondering, it’s nothing like that. It’s little applications- that are my secret….like my calorie counter. Do I want the world knowing how pedantic I have become about counting calories? NO.)   

Better then a PA!!

My laptop (that is the same as my phone, except just a LARGER version. I don’t want anyone looking at my pictures, my documents or my emails. I don’t want people seeing the subscriptions I have in place. Or what happens in my day!)

My laptop...... or a very nice substitute.

 I am sure that most ladies may compare this feeling, to the feeling of someone going through a handbag…… always said to be a “no, no”.

 OKAY- SO MY STORY MUST LEAD TO A POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My knight-in-shining-armour  is currently in the middle of a HUGE marketing launch, which hopefully will give him the numbers that he needs. He is stressed!!! Stressed men are usually very irritable!! Everything begins to revolve around them…. this is fine, I can deal with this. At the end of the day, it is for us- right?

So on Tuesday night he is almost home, and is told telephonically that something on his website is not working. CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!!! This is a major issue and needs to be fixed before the launch emails are sent. He calls me and DEMANDS that I turn my laptop on. He is almost home and needs to work on it. Okay- I am cool.

 Cool me……. I turn my laptop on…. and get back to sorting out dinner….cool me…….

So knight rushes in, no real “hello” or anything. Straight onto my laptop. I am cool. Cool me. He is going onto HIS site. So no real panic yet. THEN he says: “I have just emailed you something, where is your Microsoft Outlook”.


 I really have nothing to hide– so why am I like this?


okay- maybe this is slightly exagerated.

He clicks send and receive a 100x, before his mail comes through. I move off to the kitchen, because I really want to be the “Cool me”.

 And then he says it:

“Have you not worked today? Only 18 emails!”

 This means that he sat and counted my emails for the day!!!  Huh??????

 I was so irritated at that point. I tried to hold my cool. A horrible comment about not being as popular as him came out, and the fact that I don’t have to deal with hundreds of emails a day in order to work.

 I then wondered if he sat and went through each one to see what it may have compromised of??  

 He disappeared with my laptop upstairs to get better signal. Obviously my comfort levels decreased even more.

 Let me remind you of my “panic list” above.

 Am I being completely nutty?????




  1. And here I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Mits off my stuff!! So There!! I LOVED this post, it makes me feel normal 🙂

    • OKay- so now there is two of us!!! HAHA!!! We can be normal, the rest of the world just needs to realize it. By the way, i am enjoying your post!!

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