Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 11, 2010

“How does he know my name mommy?”

Just to fill you all in on my day yesterday…. we had no electricity!!! I could argue undeniably that it was due to the government-run-electricity department making changes while not informing the people who’s lives they were changing.

So I had to arrange to get a hot meal down my little monster’s throat….. spend some quality time with her, and ship her off (sadly) to her dad’s house to make sure she was able to have a hot bath. As soon as i picked her up from school, we made a quick decision to go to the SPUR!! Must admit, that thought does not excite me…. but it is a family orientated restaurant, and it wasn’t out-of-the-way.

We parked the car, and walked towards the restaurant, and the manager being a great host, greeted me and then said to my little girl “hello gogo”.

A gogo is a slang south african word for an insect. It is pronounced in such a way that the g’s roll off your tongue…. while a sound rumbles out the back of your throat as if a planned earthquake was on it’s way.

Now if anyone knows how south african’s speak, they would realise that we often use it as a term of endearment. Of love. 

Logan then said to me, not sure whether to whisper or not, “how does he know my name mommy?” It was just so precious. “That is not your name my baby, your name is Logan“. “But my dad calls me Gogo all the time”……      



  1. OH MY HAT that is the sweetest thing ever …..

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