Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 10, 2010

No electricity and what’s my first thought?

We exchanged the joys of traffic; neighbours; and noise (everyone else’s)………. for peace. It’s been almost two months that we live in our new home and i think that my entire mind-set has now changed. I drive home every evening, and although it now takes me 25 minutes when before was not even 10, I feel like I have been transported into a piece of heaven. From neighbours I could hear to neighbours I can only see. From constant traffic out your front door to visitors. From a concrete nightmare to green green grass.   

Our new home

With that piece of heaven however we have given away many conveniences, and luxuries….. we can no longer pop out to get the milk that we completely forgot about, or to find a nice restaurant close to home for dinner now and then. 

Something else that we also need to get very used to is the fact that we now pay for electricity before we are able to use it. This doesn’t sound to bad…….right?  You check every week how much is left, and when things seem a little low you “pop round” to the nearest shop, buy a voucher and all keeps running. Right? Easily compared to a cellphone package….. Right?

No, not at all!!!!

Yesterday morning, my man went to “top up” our electricity meter. However, it turned out the ESKOM has “changed systems, and that our meter is no longer registered. We would have to re-register, and wait for it to reflect as a meter before we would be able to top it up”. Not so bad- if we were better planners!!!!

When my man informed me of this, and all the calls and comments that had been moving from person to person to try to find a solution that would work, he also mentioned that we should be fine until this morning, and hopefully today a solution could be found. My worries were not very real at that point. My hero would make sure all would be well.♥

10:30 pm Tuesday night, my hero had fallen off his horse as I realised that our electricity was no longer running!!! The first thought that went through my head———- what about MY HAIR???

You may have thought about the food in the fridge/ freezer, or the security in the house, or the geyser. You may have thought about the gate motor, or the garage doors. You may have thought about cooking dinner tonight!

What did I become obsessed with…..? The thought of not being able to do my hair!!! In actual fact, I battled to sleep last night.

I read this morning on Stephanie William’s blog that 1.6 billion people do not have the luxury of electricity. Do you think any of them worry about their hair? How shallow can I be? South Africa’s population is not far under 50 million….. can we actually comprehend how many 1.6 billion is? How many 0000’s is that?  

As shallow as I realised I was, I still had to worry about my hair! I couldn’t change my entire personality in one night. My mom’s house came to the rescue and I packed up bags and showered there this morning. Look good as new.

My fallen hero called a few minutes ago to let me know that it may be another 24 hours before his horse reappears. Perhaps I should be eating humble pie?



  1. The first thing I would think of is my hair…and the next my coffee machine.

    Love your blog.

    • It really is shocking that we have become so dependant. We need to perhaps try a day or two without electricity…… Ah, who am I kidding- it would be a disaster. Haha.

      Thanks for loving my blog!!!! Xx (still quite new to this, but the motivation you get from comments like that is very very awesome!)

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