Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 9, 2010

It has been 2,5 years… and this is what he asks?

This morning, that time right before you need to get up, but a huge part of you is wishing it is all a dream, my man leans over and says “what is that on your back?”

He is talking about the tattoo on my right shoulder blade! The tattoo that i am sure he has seen at least 1000 x……. 10000 x …… The tattoo that has now been there for 14 years, and yes- is a little discoloured. (To be quite honest, if i could have it removed with the wave of a magic wand, i would….but i will probably need to go through as much pain to have it removed as it was to have it put there in the first place.)

It was a sentimental move on my part. My dad and i had our first tattoos done together, “how sweet”. It’s one of those American Indian feather’s with strings of beads and leather straps coming off of it. At the time, i never really looked at it and thought- what could this be mistaken for? I should have. I have had people ask me if it is a grasshopper?( How embarresing!!! This is the first time i am actually even telling anyone that.)

So I respond, “cockroach”.

What does he say, “why would you have a tattoo done of a cockroach?”

He does not say, “no really, what is it?” or “you joking”, or “it’s not a very good cockroach”.  (Does this mean that he believed me?)

Obviously i couldnt leave things at that…… Imagine him thinking that for a life time ahead!!! Imagine him telling people that? I could then explain that the reason why i chose a cockroach is because even an atomic bomb could not get rid of them!! It would be the perfect symbol of determination…. so i gave him the correct description of what was painted PERMANENTLY on my right shoulder blade.  

Would this not have been not one of those questions you approach in your first few weeks of dating? Not something that i would have expected after 2 and a half years. So yes, a little bruised this morning. Imagine how the tattoo artist would have felt? HAHA!!



  1. would love to see the tattoo!

    • Haha. Too scared. Maybe i will take one and post it.

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